new year

I don't write as much anymore. It feels like too much to ask in the middle of a rebuilding. I don't look in the mirror. She is unfamiliar and the process is already scary enough without checking in too often. But in the meantime....the waiting..... it hurts.

2018, breaking up, change happens, confession, depression, faith, fear, freedom, new year, work in progress

Unpack Your Bags Beloved

I haven't written anything in about a month - here or in my personal journal. I've thought about writing but motivation has been low lately. If you've read my blog this year (bless you for supportive my sporadic hobby) or talked to me for longer than 10 minutes this year I will have told you… Continue reading Unpack Your Bags Beloved



i cried at the bus stop today. they slipped past my defenses and rolled down my face without permission. a chink in my armor let them pass; distracted by thoughts welling up that i might be a failure and frustrations building because today started just like yesterday and the day before, and the day before,… Continue reading 10.25



I used to dream epic dreams Of fallen angels and chosen defenders of the fell New mythology of olde tales I used to write ballads Haikus and sonnets Harmonious rhymes that explode into a mighty chorus I used to believe Hopes that made me high Intoxicated in wonder and enveloped in wild fantasies.... When did… Continue reading 10.11