i woke up with a fragile feeling tears already running down my face as i struggled to rise for the day attempting to calm myself shrink the pain to fit behind the acceptable mask pick the broken pieces of myself off of the floor even as they cut like glass and shatter at the touch... Continue Reading →


.untitled reflections

This year has been a lot. Nothing has gone the way I expected. Literally everything. It's like the world wanted to prove that my life is out of my control. I have not had the best reaction to these levels of disappointment. My relationship with God was already at the weakest it had already been... Continue Reading →


I'm so sorry that I haven't posted this month. Unfortunately my computer died and it is truly too old for repairs. I am not a fan of writing posts on my phone so until my technical circumstances change my blog is on hold. I hope to be able to share again soon.


I started this year cautiously hopeful and a bit excited about this journey. That lasted approximately 3 weeks. The last week of January and most of the month of February I had constant L's or losses for those who weren't using slang in the early 00's. That's not the part that scares me. I thought... Continue Reading →

An Unknown You

I wrote a poem for you today. You know, the kind that talks about love and loss. Just the thought of you sparks my imagination And words come through. I never thought I was the sort for love letters Longing penned and sent with a kiss But speaking doesn’t permit, Doesn’t express, As my pen... Continue Reading →

There’s Something….

There’s something about this world There’s something about this country There’s something about this generation . . . There’s something about me that won’t let me wait gracefully.

New Resolutions

The end of 2017 was all about getting out of my comfort zone. I quit a perfectly good career and jumped into the deep end of doing things a littler differently. I am having all of the adjustment and growing pains that come with trying and failing to find my place. In order to stop... Continue Reading →

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